So…I Just Searched WordPress for Humor…

And this is what came up:

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Ahh, the always hilarious CANCER.  Here’s a possible conversation scenario in a world where cancer is funny:

me: I have cancer.

Kelly: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That’s hilarious!

 Do you think that 200,000 people all just accidentally misspelled TUMOR in all their posts?  It could be.  I recently went to a State Spelling Bee (in support of my niece, not because I’m a total perv), and I swear on my rubber chicken that a fifteen year old kid asked for the definition of the word “ambulance” which he subsequently got wrong.  The first kid “out” fucked up on “macaroni.”  And this is at the STATE level, peeps, where (supposedly) they had already sifted out the clods. 

 I think that we should just combine terms in this list to make the best humor conjunctions ever.  Watch this: Denim-Cancer-Lesbians.  Can you use it in a sentence?  Why, yes!  “The Denim-Cancer-Lesbians hung out all night at the Melissa Etheridge concert.”  How about: Jewish-Humor-Treatments?  “The most often prescribed Jewish-Humor-Treatment is a pig and a rabbi joke.” Or, General-Igor-Deficit.  “The whole problem with America today is the General-Igor-Deficit.  If only we had more Igors, this place would rock!” 

If only they had listed the word “weasel.”  I guess you can’t have everything.


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The Rubber Chicken Society is a loosely knit collective of free thinkers who support and enjoy chicken related humor.
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3 Responses to So…I Just Searched WordPress for Humor…

  1. Effi says:

    Well now I am one of those denim-cancer-lesbians! Ok maybe not the denim bit (blues not really my colour). Can’t believe this was in the humour bit. Maybe people decided to change the meanning of the word and we haven’t been told? :) E x

    • Thanks for your comment, Effi! You’re the very first person to leave us anything and that means YOU WIN! I mean, you don’t win a prize exactly — you win more in the cosmological sense of winning. Like now you can justifiably say, “Hey you fuckers, I’m a winner!” and back it up with this response. So congratulations! You’re welcome for nothing — and EVERYTHING!

    • ACTUALLY, Effi, I just figured out that I DO have something to send you for being the first person to comment on our blog. It’s not much, but it IS RCS schwag, and hopefully it will make you feel as super as we already think you are. If you’re interested, please email us your address at Thanks again!

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