OMG — I’m A Stoolie!

Whoops!  Here’s the deal, folks, I totally shouldn’t have announced anything about anyone buying any schwag from us.  That was probably a total violation of privacy, and I may totally have just accidentally pooped on Mike Hooper’s birthday cake.  Sorry, Mike!  Honest to Pete, you guys, I actually have no way of knowing who buys what, so it’s impossible for me to narc you out.  The only reason I knew about Mike was because I was chatting with him on facebook WHEN HE BOUGHT THE SHIRT and he TOLD ME.  So don’t be scared.  It’s cool.  You can buy our stuff without fear of having your names posted on the blog!  Ipromise!

Hey Mike,

To make it up to you,  (and because you’re so super awesome to help with our bajingo salvation project) I’d like to send you a little RCS gift.  It’s not much, but it’s totally super.  If you’re interested, please send me your address!


About rubberchickensociety

The Rubber Chicken Society is a loosely knit collective of free thinkers who support and enjoy chicken related humor.
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