The RCS Mocks Anderson Cooper’s Faux Outrage…

Big-Time Moralist, Anderson Cooper

So, this is so stupid it’s beyond awesome.  Anderson Cooper kicked 51 year old “Human Barbie” Sarah Burge off his show because he found her, “disgusting.”  The best part about it is that he evicts her right after they get into a 2 minute argument about WHETHER OR NOT BEYONCE SWEATS ON STAGE.  BARHARHARHAR!!!

You can see it here:

Anyway, so Anderson Cooper gets all butt-hurt because a woman who had over 500,000 dollars worth of plastic surgery so that she could look more like a plastic doll has a fucked up perspective on child rearing — a fact that he totally knew about before he invited her on his show.  I agree with Anderson, this bitch is insane, BUT COME ON!  Anderson Cooper has interviewed dictators who have been responsible for the deaths and torture of hundreds of thousands of people and has managed to be polite to them.  Is this Barbie weirdo even in their league?  Looks like Anderson needs some ratings, folks — and he’s a big enough man to be a total douche in order to get them.

That being said, it should probably be pointed out that 500K is kind of a lot of money to spend on this level of success:

Actual Barbie

Human “Barbie”

You feel me?


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4 Responses to The RCS Mocks Anderson Cooper’s Faux Outrage…

  1. OLIC says:

    The Human Barbie is a terrible horror flick waiting to happen. Oh, no, your car broke down in the middle of the German sticks and the only house with a light on just happens to belong to a sadistic plastic surgeon! Human Barbie 2: Skipper “grows up.” You’re welcome.

    • Ha ha ha! Does “grows up” mean “gets huge fake fun bags” in this instance? I could be down with that. Barbie is such a Weeble Wobble. She’s so top heavy she needs moon gravity to maintain an upright position.

  2. OLIC says:

    Yeah. Didn’t you have that growing up Skipper? The one where you move her arms up and she grows breasts? No wonder my generation is so fucked up.

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