Your Weekly Wrap-Up

Best O’The Week:

1. We found this gallery of fat chicks looking kinda hot in bikinis.

Some are better than others.  You can check them out here:

Photo courtesy of xoJane







2. Dude Has Same Idea As Yours Truly — And THEN Has The Total INDECENCY To Do The Math Right (Fucker).

So, as I was out promoting the blog the other day, I ran into this:  It’s an article written on May 25th about Charles Worley that takes his ideas to their logical conclusion — very much like my article of May 23rd did.  Anyway, instead of just making the enclosure 100 square miles, Dickjutsu does the math based on 100 miles of fencing.  In any case, it’s a well written article by a really funny guy who once screamed so hard at a Lowe’s manager that he scored a 600 dollar washing machine for 300 bucks — which makes him pretty much a WINNER in our book!

3. Anderson Cooper ALMOST “Totally Redeemed.”

Cutie Pie Anderson Cooper

So maybe we were a little bit harsh on Andy the other day when we made fun of him for duking all over Human Barbie Sarah Burge.  We don’t really, totally, take it back, but we must admit that Andy pretty much redeemed himself when he got all charmingly befuddled when attempting to talk to Charles Worley supporter Stacey Pritchard.  Oh, Andy, it’s okay.  You’re TOTALLY cute again.  Will you be our boyfriend?

4.  What Would Jean Claude Van Damme Do? (W.W. JCVD Do?)

Okay, people, I know I just posted this yesterday, but WHY IN THE HELL ISN’T THIS A MEME, YET?  Get on it.

5.  Canadian Moustache Contest Still Has Only One Entry — Mine

Well,  it looks like it’s pretty much evident that I’m going to win the Elusive Canadian Moustache Contest with my incredible drawing of a lady walking said moustache:

BUT I don’t wanna win my OWN DAMNED CONTEST.  I’ll leave it open for another two weeks.  Get your entries together and email them to us at  You can read all the contest details here:

Worst O’The Week

 1. RCS Travelling Puppet Theater “Macbeth” Project Scrapped

Sirrah informed me the other night that she had to scrap the footage she’d taken of her presentation of “The Scottish Play” due to the fact that the sound wouldn’t line up at all.  She’s working on a second production.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beginning to feel like the outlook is a bit grim, here.  COME ON SIRRAH!  We’re DYIN’ here!

Stay Tuned For: Rubber Chicken Society Doles Out Badass Mad Max Style Post Apocalyptic Nicknames to All Members, RCS Headquarters Relocation Travel Log, and Adventures in Texas.

Cheers, Y’all (See, I’m practicing).


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The Rubber Chicken Society is a loosely knit collective of free thinkers who support and enjoy chicken related humor.
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