RCS Critiques Dove World Outreach Center Hate Tableau…Introducing the INFOGRAPHIC!

In douchebag news today, Quran-burning uber-loser Terry Jones has placed a new effigy in front of the glorified Behlen building he insists upon referring to as a “church.”  This time, however, there’s no Jesus in Mr. Jones.  Jones has placed what is supposed to be President Obama (but looks like Mrs. Cooper’s 5th grade special students’ President’s Day rendition of Abraham Lincoln covered in brown shoe polish) hanging from a gallows.  Also featured: random sticks, and the church’s tax-free rape van.  There’s a trailer in the background on which someone has painted: “Obama is Killing America,” but in the tableau, a headless Uncle Sam is killing a black Abraham Lincoln.  I don’t get it.  Once again the nicest looking part of the picture is the gay flag that black Lincoln is for some reason clutching.  Jones explains it all here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/08/obama-effigy-hanged-outside-church_n_1581272.html, but doesn’t really go far to clearing much up.  We tried to help by creating the following INFOGRAPHIC (an RCS first):

Photo Courtesy of the HuffPost



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The Rubber Chicken Society is a loosely knit collective of free thinkers who support and enjoy chicken related humor.
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