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Once Bitten

Last Thursday, I decided that I was a vampire. This might seem like a strange conclusion, but I had two highly suspicious wounds on my neck, above my carotid artery, that I had no memory of incurring. Additionally, Boris (Karloff, … Continue reading

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Garage Sailin’

Several weeks ago, Jan Rankin and I decided to have a garage sale.  Jan really wanted to be able to get more than half of a car in her two-car garage, and I needed to downsize my collection of black … Continue reading

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Open Mindedness Is Not Bending Over and Taking It, Motherfucker.

So…I have been literally spluttering with rage over the last two days to the extent that all my cuss words ran together in one big long mega-train of eternally looping profanity.  Why?  Because a fucking unrepentant Trump voter told me … Continue reading

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Easter With A-Holes

When I was growing up, our family didn’t have very many Easter traditions outside of the typical dying of eggs and feeding of sugar to small children.  This was back when my Mom was just “Mom” (or occasionally “The Warden”) … Continue reading

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Workout Commando

One of my absolute favorite places in Corpus Christi is our local YWCA.  I joined several years ago because they boast a 25M pool, which you need if you’re going to swim laps, especially if you’re bad at the turn-y … Continue reading

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Plumb Stupid

My kitchen sink has been broken for three days.  I discovered the problem because Terry, my dark brown, ergonomic rug was soaked early one morning.  I didn’t even want to know what was wrong with it, so instead of crawling … Continue reading

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Beware the Breakers

Spring Break loomed large last week, and intrepid idiot that I am, I had to check it out.  I called my Dad (the G.P.) and asked if he’d care to join me.  And, although he was still suffering from the … Continue reading

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