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Don’t Touch That Button!

I have a pretty simple morning routine: wake up, push up sleep mask, dislodge dog from whatever part of me she’s currently squashing, make and consume vast amounts of coffee, wash face, brush teeth, get on with day.  Yesterday happened … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bar-be-BLECH!

This weekend, alert reader Lena Tulk (yes, you probably know her) threw up some pretty huge caution cones about a new trend that is possibly sweeping the world: Brooklyn Barbeque.  Before we get too much further, even prior to posting … Continue reading

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As I child, I never predicted that one day my personal happiness and safety might be compromised by the relative horniness of the common ground squirrel.  Being honest, though, if my childhood fortune telling was at all accurate I would … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name

This Christmas, my niece (who is now in college and as fully grown – at least in terms of height — as she can be expected to get) announced to the Rev that she was considering changing her name.  “I … Continue reading

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A Street Cur Named Rowlfie

To make a long story short, the big chestnut stray with a crocodilian jaw started following Stadler and I on the dog jog in January, 2016.  The first time he barreled toward us, I thought big trouble was coming, but … Continue reading

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The Dating Game

This week, alert reader K. R. wrote the following to my Island Moon editor, Dale Rankin: “Will please set up a dating game have the staff find ten men then find one out of the ten for Abigail Bair and … Continue reading

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This is a difficult column for me to write, mostly because it’s about vacuum cleaners and I have great difficulty reliably spelling the word “vacuum.” Honestly, it’s right up there with “bureaucrat” and “hors d’oeuvres” (if either of these words … Continue reading

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